The Monkeys

The Monkeys are a very intelligent race, who aim at the annihilation of the Nomads. Therefore they allied with the Order and the Robots and fight the Nomads whenever they can. Actually their appearence was caused by the Corsairs. A very long time ago, the Corsairs started a mission to Planet Primus, because they needed a station in the Unknown system to collect the Artifacts there. As they knew nothing about the planet they only sent down a monkey in a small ship. They lost contact with the ship after a short time, then decided to sent another ship and lost contact again. So they gave up their dream of a station in the Unknown system. But the monkeys weren't dead. The acid clouds in the planet's atmosphere destroyed the ships after a short time, but the monkeys weren't killed. Some years later, the Corsairs detected intelligent lifeforms on Planet Primus and managed to contact the Monkeys. In this days the Monkeys from Planet Primus are, besides of the Robots, known as important allies of the Order and as very good pilots. They built a dockingring that protected ships landing on the planet against the destruction by the acid clouds. On Planet Primus they welcome every enemy of the Nomads.

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