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A Foot in the Door
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 @ 14:19:39 GMT
Topic: Rumours

++ Incoming Report Sub-wave Transmission M-wave translucent Sirius News Network encoded: As Follows....++

"This is Albard Rexinova reporting to you again from the Monkey Planet of Primus in Unkown 2. Its not always easy dealing with Simians but I feel better about it than trying to negotiate with a Robot! I have been able to make contact with Primate First Class Conrad Baboon Imperial, he is the Head of the Simian Trade Negotiations Board and "invited" me to chat with him when he discoverd that I had been following up my leads from the "Hair of the Wolf" as to the whereabouts of the -=REAVERS=- . Here is what he had to say: "

++Recording: "HEY mind the camera! That costs money ya know!" *(sounds of a scuffle and some grunts and the clattering of equipment to the floor - picture goes out of focus)*

"Come with us! The First Primate wishes to speak with you. Comply or "ook" be punished!"

"Get your hairy mits off me! I'm Press ya know! You'll be a lounge rug when I'm through...OW!!"
*(strange angled pictures showing feet and ground as if someone is being dragged to a waiting vehicle)*

"Sit Down and Shut the "ook" up!" *(engine starts. Vehicle moves. Camera is still rolling. You can see the inside of a vehicle, a limousine of some sort judging by the leather upholstering.)*
"Nice Seats. One of your relatives is it?" *(there is a thump sound and a muffled cry)*

*(car comes to a halt)*
"Sirius News Network Crew to see the Primate."
*(car moves off and halts a few minutes later)*
"Right. Show some respect and smarten up or I'll "ook" the living sapiens out of you!"
*(there is a scramble to get out of the car and the camera is still rolling, all be it at waist height)*
"Gentlemen! Thank you for coming at such short notice. I believe we have much to discuss." *(well dressed figure turns to the Gorilla)* "Thank you Rupert, that will be all for the moment." *(turns to Albard Rexinova) "Is that camera running?"

Cut to an interior scene. Nice furniture - very retro 23rd Century Earth style. Big Desk and a very well groomed Baboon in a high class Dax Suit with a silk tie is now facing the in focus camera.) *

"Coffee anyone?" asked the Primate.

"No thankyou , your Honour." responded Albard

"I understand that you are on the trail of some very unpleasant people and have been following up some very spurious leads that suggest they may be hiding out here on Primus, is that the case?"

"As you can understand sir, we are not at liberty to reveal our sources, but we have had it on reliable terms that your space stations and ports are harbouring -=REAVERS=- all be it that many will be in disguise for the most part. You are aware of whom we are refering to of course?"

"Certainly." The Primate indicated to the wall screen that had several scrolling reports. "These are all complaints from Monkey traders and others that dock here regarding the latest infestation of -=REAVERS=-"

"So what are you going to do about it?"

" We have instigated a policy of non intervention for the moment as we are as yet unaware of the size of the potential threat facing our trade and shipping rights in the Sirius sectors. Believe me, if and when we catch these individuals they are treated with the same rigour as we would any other miscreant, so please dont think we are being soft on these people." The look on the baboons face and the way he pronounced the word "people" made it more than clear that he took this whole thing to be very much a "people" problem and not a "monkey" problem.

"So you are offering appeasment then?"

"Far from it Albard. Far from it. We have been trying to get some human agents into the convoys and to work with the -=REAVERS=- undercover. This is proving difficult as we have had one or two problems with getting past their screening process. Its very difficult to feign that type of madness, so we are faced with having to take a more direct approach and see if they will even enter into some form of dialogue. In the mean time we face them in any situation with our Safety Catches set to "off". One wrong blink and its carnage time." He paused. "However, we believe from our limited sources that the leadership might be open to some "coverage"......?"

Albard stopped his thoughts in their tracks. "Press coverage, right?"

"Right on the nail my dear fellow."

"You're certain they would go for it and you can get us in?"

"Getting in, my dear Albard is not the problem. Getting back out is an entirely different matter......." [TO BE CONTINUED]

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