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Mystique - Chapter 8
Date: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 @ 00:00:00 GMT
Topic: Freelancer Role Play

Gater’s personal log 3016.02.04.1252(Ship Time):
Today I ran across an old friend.  I former client that I used to take from Kusari space to Liberty space very quietly.  He's retired now, but very well off, partly because of the contacts he was able to keep with my help.

So guess what?  Out of the blue he offered me a state of the are Kusari combat control system.  I couldn't say no, but what good it will do on my cargo ship I don't know.  The only catch is that I am strickly not to sell it or let anyone examine it.  I can do that.  But what I really need is engines, generator, shields and guns.

"Well Gater that was a great dinner, but what do you think of my weapons?"

"John I think their great.  I'd love to buy any of them.  Unfortunately I can't.  Weapons prices seem to have skyrocketed in the last year."

"Yes they did.  Supply and demand.  When the pirates in Bretoria suddenly attacked Her Magesties armary and destroyed so many of their newest weapons it created a great demand.  That coupled with the discovery that the pirates had better weapons than anyone thought, ... well everyone suddenly decided they needed new equipment to engage pirates.  So competition for the limited weapons supply has driven the price very high.  But you know when this happens, the prices never come down again.  You might as well buy now."

"John I just don't have the money.  And I have pirates to contend with too so I can't use the old stuff either.  But hey thanks so much for meeting me."

"Well Gater I heard that you were the one who helped out with the Liberty Exploration epidemic.  I had a cousin out there and appreciate what you did, even if it was for money.  So I'm going to give you a piece of advice.  The pirate battle that took place was on the edge of Bretoria space.  Many of the casualty ships went drifting away.  By the time the scavangers got there some of the ships were too far away to get to and back.  I happen to know that there is one more outpost way out there that some of these ships will sail past in a couple of months.  They'll be going too fast and be too far away for for almost anyone to get to them, and they aren't worth sending a big ship after them.  But your ship could make it.  There's some really modern stuff out there and best of all it would be free."

The Slow Boat to China slid quietly next to the fighter.  It was rotating slowly, but a nudge on a weapons wing ended that perpetual dance.  Steve suited up and went out to look her over.  First he tied a grapple line between the two ships and tethered himself to it.  The whole nose of the ship was gone.  Either a missile strike of a collision with another ship.  The cockpit was also missing.  But none of the rest seemed badly damaged.  A couple of weapons burns that didn't even penetrate the armor. 

He worked quickly as he could in zero G opening up all the bays freeing the engines.  All told it actually took two days work to get it all.  But in the end Slow Boat to China pulled away with two lasers, two cannons, two engines (too small for her, but with great trade possibilities), several thrusters and a great generator.  The shield projectors were too built in to be able to be removed. 

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