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Mystique - Chapter 9
Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 @ 00:00:00 GMT
Topic: Freelancer Role Play

Gater’s personal log 3016.03.10.1039(Ship Time):
Well that about does it.  They installed the new engines yesterday.  They wanted the fighter engines so bad they swapped straight across even though mine are bigger and more efficient.

I did have to pay for labor, but hey nothings free.  With the guns, generator and the shield system I bought last week there's nothing more I want ... right now anyway.  I think I'll get a good nights sleep and tomorrow buy some trade goods.

Three weeks later the SBTC (Slow Boat to China) cruised into the Mystique system.  Steve was shocked when he powered up the Combat Control system to see that it clearly picked up the surveilance energy pinpointing the pirate base and it showed all of their ships that were powered up.  None made a move toward him all the way in.

Gater’s personal log 3016.04.02.1542(Ship Time):
Well I made a killing on my trade goods and am full of gemstones.  I see on the Combat Control that there are four pirate ships hovering out there just waiting for me to leave.  And I think I know what to do.  Here goes.

SBTC lifted quickly through the atmosphere into space.  As the pirate ships began their intercept Steve selected an evasion plan on the Combat Control.  SBTC accelerated and the pirate ships followed suit, but the two gunboats were losing ground fast.  Then suddenly SBTC spun 135 degrees and accelerated creating a rapidly divergent course.  It worked beautifully.  The two interceptors screemed past, unable to match the turn, but the gunboats further back turned and were going to be able to go by quite close enough to do a lot of damage in the short time they would be in range.  But LBTC spun again, this time across the gunboats bows and passed just out of range.  After they passed the opening speed was tremendous.  They were out of the picture for good.  Meanwhile the interceptors had finally slowed and turned and were appoaching more cautiously this time.  As the came near Steve selected an attack pattern.  SBTC suddenly started making random turns and random accelerations and decelerations, but always closing with the interceptors.  When the came in range the interceptors fired repeatedly, lasers, cannon and even a couple of missiles.  The only thing that came close was one of the missiles, which the Combat Control destroyed at a safe distance with cannon fire.  Then suddenly when they were very close SBTC accelerated directely between the two intercepters.  In the critical seconds where they had to hold fire for fear of hitting the other, SBTC straightened up and hit one, then the other with cannons and lasers.  The shots were very carefully placed and destroyed both engines on both interceptors.  They were alive but out of action.

Steve (Gater) Holgate returned to Liberty House space with his cargo safely some 18 days later.  He made a killing on the trade run and everyone wanted to know where he got the gems. 

To say he lived happily ever after would be to imply boredom.  First there were hired thugs sent to pry out of him the source of the gems.  Then some enterprising person earned himself a hefty payment by attaching a tacking bug to his ship, and the word was out.  Trouble is few could reach it.  And when they did, well the pirates had a hey day with them.  After that the pirates actually became quite friendly with him.  Steve had brought them more business than they knew what to do with.  Eventually a new fueling station was opened up along the trade route and anyone could get there.  Soon there was a police presence sent to protect the guild traders and the pirates moved on.  Worst of all was the Mystique settlers could no longer keep new settlers, minors and explorers away.  Everything changed and Steve new it was time to move on to other routes.

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