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PVP Event and Winner Announced
Date: Sunday, April 15, 2007 @ 00:10:00 BST
Topic: Event News

Todays tournament was all about the best player on the night to take the title! I gathered everyone that wanted a shot at the title to come to EFZ and see if they could get them a decent shot at winning. All the Combatants are in the SS below.

[img][/img] All the combatants were all told to stock up and taken through the usual procedures of the rules and how to conduct them selves. After taking them through the rules and making sure everyone stocked up on there missiles CM's we started off. The first PvP was over and we went to the next. All combatants showing each other what they were made off and the winners heading to the planet ETA. After all off the players had fought we were down to the last 8. These were. Headhunter |_/_| Redstorm Sithis Arrakis Hyperion Nessuss Xenon The next round began and we would now be done to the semi final with the last 4 players chasing the title. The first watch was between Xenon and |_/_|. Xenon was killed by |_/_| as he tried to find a way around his fighting technique. The next match was between Hyperion and Redstorm. Hyperion knocked out redstorm in what was a very good match which was very close. The next match was between Headhunter and Nessuss. Head hunter used the conqs strength to go through nessuss and knock him out of the tournament. The last fight was between Arrakis and Sithis. This match was the closet match in the tournament. Both players struggled to get the edge they needed to blow the other into space dust. Both players managed to get each other on fire. But right at the end Arrakis managed to seal the final shot that put sithis out of the tournament. So the last four were. |_/_| Hyperion Headhunter Arrakis headhunter was pit against Hyperion. He managed to sneak around the crusher and used the conquerors power and strength to make hyperion into space dust. The last match of the semi finals was Arrakis and |_/_|. Arraksi managed to get around |_/_| and make him be killed and gain the victory. Unfortunately. The last two were meant to be Headhunter and Arrakis. But head hunter must have dissconected as he didnt come back for 10 minutes. With no other choice left. I let Arrakis chose an opponent from the last four that were in the tournament. he decided to choose |_/_| for a good fight and made it a best of three match from were they left off. 1-0 to Arrakis. The final two. [img][/img] When they fought the first time Arrakis died quite fast and symbol came right back into th fight at 1-1. The next fight lasted longer. Both players managing to take big chunks out of each others hull and make each other sweat. They twist and turned making eachother for the kill. But right at the last minute. |_/_| killed of Arrakis and the tourney was all over. Congratulations to the winner. [img][/img] This means the winner of the next Fighter off the week will have to take on |_/_| for the title of the champion!!!! Thank you to all that took part and i hope yo uall had fun participating and all being good sports. Thanks again Greaver.

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