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Return of the Nomads (Part 2)
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 11:49:04 GMT
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Trent flew the lead, as he had in countless missions before. King followed closely behind, flying a brand-new Liberty Defender Mark II. Chavez flew between them in a Border Worlds Stiletto. Trent had often thought about purchasing a new ship, but he had been so successful with the Anubis he thought if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The trip so far had been relatively uneventful. Usually on a trip of this length, it was safe to expect a pirate attack at some point. They had kept a low profile, speaking very little to one another except when needed. It was King who broke the silence.

"So tell me, Trent, Where did you get your information about the Nomads from? Orillion said it's going to make a big difference."

Trent was silent for a moment, choosing his words carefully. "I'm still a freelancer, King. I hear rumors. This one just turned out to be a good one."

"Well, I guess everyone gets lucky now and then. Hold on...Trent, I'm picking up unknown contacts. Looks like they're on an intercept course. Heads up."

Trent watched his scanner as the number of contacts increased. Finally his computer identified them.

"Outcast Sabres! I count at least ten!" Trent called out.

"Damn! Trent, keep these guys away from Chavez! My gut says they're after him!"

Ten Outcast Sabre fighters emerged from the dust cloud spraying cannon fire at the three ships. The three broke formation and prepared to engage.

"Chavez, this is King! Get to the jump gate! We'll try to hold them off!"

"Negative, I will stay and fight!"

"Dammit, Chavez, this is no time for pride! Get the hell out of here!"

"King, you listen to me. I'm not going anywhere! Deal with it!" And with that, Chavez destroyed one of the Outcast fighters.

Trent had his hands full with another Sabre that he couldn't shake off his tail. Whoever he was, he was good. Trent's shields were taking a beating, and his shield battery supply was getting low.

"King, get this guy off of me!" Trent called out as he dropped several mines. Two of them, luckily, scored a hit, severely damaging the fighter. King came out of nowhere and finished him off with a well-placed gun volley.

"Trent, Chavez, we've got to make a run for it! Let's go!" King punched his cruise engines and made a beeline for the jump gate. Trent noticed smoke and gas pouring out of King's badly damaged ship

Trent's scanner beeped again, and an icy ball materialized in Trent's stomach

"Holy God! I got more contacts coming in!" Trent punched his cruise engines. Chavez did the same.

The Outcasts turned to follow and launched a volley of cruise disruptors at the fleeing ships. One found its mark.

"Trent! Chavez is hit! Cover him!"

"Trent, King. Take Mr. Chavez and head for the gate. We'll cover you," a familiar voice said over the comm channel.

"Von Claussen? Is that you?"

"Ja, it is. Get Chavez out. We will hold them off. Go!"

Trent looked out his cockpit window as a squadron of Anubis fighters appeared and began to engage the Outcasts.

"My cruise engines are back online," Chavez said. "I suggest we do as he says."

"Fine with me," King replied. "Let's go. Thanks, Von Claussen."

"You may thank me later. Now go!"

The three ships engaged their cruise engines and headed for the jump gate.


Trent, King and Chavez approached the Osiris.

"Osiris, this is Escort Group Alpha, requesting clearance to dock. Over."

"Escort Group Alpha, you are cleared to dock. Welcome back."

"Trent, go ahead and dock. I'll meet you and Chavez in the hangar."

"Welcome back, King. Ah, Trent. Good to see you again."

"Good to be back, Orillion."

"And this must me Mr. Chavez. I'm Casper Orillion." The two shook hands. "Come to my office. We have a lot to talk about. I'll see you gentlemen later." Orillion and Chavez walked away.

"Come on, Trent. I could use a drink. My treat."

Trent and King went to the bar and sat down with their drinks.

"You know," King said, "Chavez must know something pretty damn important for his own kind to want to take him down. Obviously something they didn't want us to know about."

"Yeah." Trent replied. He was still wondering why Chavez looked so familiar to him.

"Ah, gentlemen. Do you mind if I join you?" Herr Von Claussen asked.

"Not at all," replied Trent. "But aren't you dead?"

Von Claussen laughed. "No, but it is sometimes advantageous to let everyone think you are. After all, we all have our secrets, don't we?" Von Claussen gave Trent a knowing look that didn't make him feel all that comfortable.

"You are full of surprises, Von Claussen, " King said. "Listen, I got to make a pit stop. Don't steal my drink while I'm away." King rose and left.

Trent waited until King was out of earshot and asked, "So you know?"

"Yes, Mr. Trent. Or should I say, Mr. Logan?" Trent had to smile at that. "Orillion has many ways of acquiring necessary information. As my name is still considered poison in Rheinland, being a dead man has its advantages. And who wouldn't want the best pilot in Liberty working for them? Even criminals, I would wager."

"Well, they pay pretty good."

"Yes, that they do. And the rumors, I hear, are also quite informative. Orillion seems to put a high premium on the information you provided to him."

"So I'm told."

King returned to the table. "You still talking smack about me?"

"Someone has to do it. Your head's big enough already." Trent retorted.

The Osiris bartender walked up to the group.

"Orillion would like to see you in his office."


"Ah, Gentlemen, sit down," Orillion said. "I have some very interesting information to give you." Trent noticed that many of Orillion's top agents were also in the room.

"As many of you now know, we have received information regarding the Nomads and the Outcasts. Thanks to the information provided by our newest member, Ernesto Chavez, we now have a new perspective on the Nomads, and possibly a new strategy to fight them.

"Several months ago, Edison Trent received information regarding a jump hole in the Omicron Alpha system that reportedly leads to an uncharted system populated with Nomads. Apparently the Outcasts use the area around the jump hole as a burial ground of sorts for their greatest pilots, believing that "the Sprits" will protect their remains.

"Now, one would think that with a jump hole leading right into the Sirius Sector, the Nomads would be attacking en masse through the hole. But they don't. And now, thanks to Mr. Chavez, we now know why. People, we now have a new weapon in which to fight the Nomads."

"And what would that be?" asked King.



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