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Date: Friday, April 12, 2013 @ 09:40:52 BST
Topic: Freelancer Role Play

hell mate, 1 year i stay in Omega 11 for diamond, 1 year i'm exposed to radiation, 1 year i think about real fresh pinacolada from Hawaii in Sigma-19, 1 year i try to repair my ship (booster and cruise has dead, i must replace it).

but everything are not black and moron, i meet some guy from freital base and we have long speech about omega 11, history, things we can do here and more.
3 month ago a red hessian friend give me a wetsuits with new anti-radiation material, good stuff to explore the asteroid ring around the red giant sun "Wardoo go to explore wrecked ships in D-6 and E-6 sectors i buy infos about weapons in these ships".
the travel has not fun and cool, radiation, bounty hunterss think we are wanted...because our ID readercard don't like radiation and the recognize signal can't be read propely by hunters.
finally we reach the first wrecked ship, nothing except a
dead guy inside the *****pit but we found an letter from a station abandonned on deidus few years ago scientists try to understand deidus and her sand storm and more, but after 6 month they must come back to solarius station because all guy breathe too much small particles of irradiated sand, maybe air filter is the cause.

finally after two day the loot has rich, 10 canons, 25 units of h-fuel, 156 units of diamonds, 15 units of light arms, oxygen and more.

i hope with this loot and my 362 units of diamonds i repair my ship to leave of this system.
first thing i do i go to a medical center for a full radioactive decontamination,
in second have fun with escort girls in the best place of sirius (hawaii is a good choice i think).
in three sell my old ship stay few month in omicron alpha, a friend request me to search about origin of nomad and other research about hispania ship, maybe we found some loot and data in the computers.

for deidus planet i keep the letter and try to find the excactly position of station on the planet and maybe we try to reach it i'm worried about irradiated sand particles and i don't want to loose my lungs for nothing, good preparation is essential

so now i think i stay 6 more month in omega-11 for deidus project.... and 6 months for the recovery of loot and other information on more 

so what happen when you combo a crazy red hessians and a silly freelancer like me?
you obtain 2 mad mate want to explore deidus.
that a fact, i post in my last letter i want return on deidus in omega-11 to try to find the adandonned station, we find it, and what we find has terrific.
6 months ago after i leave from omega-11 i work in various place, sell some artifacts, work in a bank, repair computers etc... so when i have enough money i come back to omega 11 with my TR-13 ship.
I meet fredish my old red hessians friend and i expose what my plan for deidus. "WHAT THE HELL? ARE YOU NUTS?" he answers me and i can understand his reaction when i tell him i want to find the famous station on deidus.
it was not an easy task to convince fredish to come with me on deidus several reasons for its refut.
The first concerns the famous dust of this planet which is extremely fine and radioactive problem for most filters, they are screwed after about 1 day of exposure.the second is the rumors surrounding the true reasons for leaving scientists deidus, some say that the conditions are extremes other heard rumors of ghosts and strange rumors about something is in the place.
There were not thirty six solutions for knowledge, and seen as my friends had some misgivings, I had to increase its share to 60% to finish convincing. the journey is as usual in this system dangerous and eventful, the bounty hunters, the radiation and entering the atmosphere of deidus is not part of fun because without a atmospheric ring we do play the old, as at the time of 20th century shuttle spatial .
3 days, 3 days of sand storms, 3 days to get that station, three days that we wonder if we did come out, 3 days friedish tell me to leave, but also 3 days indices ac*****ulate, statues, remnants of scientific vehicles, shuttles too.we did not see much waste on this small planet.
Finally we reached the famous base, in what state we find, completely ruined, the air filtration processors are off, the module dedicated to recycling air and water seems still in working condition thanks to its position behind a bunch of rocks, the technical module seems to have been chewed by something and corpses ... my god all these corpses littering the ground in positions more strange, some are folded in half, to others have been completely twisted as if we had wrung cloth. I even talking about the pieces scattered around ... this vision made us shudder and between us with friedish without saying anything, in fact, our eyes spoke volumes: "damnit leave this crazy graveyard."
the 4th day we discovered a ramp buried under the sand and lead directly to a shed in the cliff, the main door is locked and we must "stalkeriser" this one with a good shot, we did not count on the help of barrels of fuel placed just behind the door, shit if there were nomads in the area, our account was good.
5 th day was devoted to the careful exploration of the hangar, impossible to restart the module air and water, too much sand in MECHANISMS. in any case the harvest is good, more photons weapons, shields, artifacts of all kinds, some radioactivity artifacts worthy of the *****ushima incident, there are those placed in special containers to avoid rotting the rest of the cargo.We also foundest various reports, account records of exploration, experiences various statements in shambles etc. .. etc. ..most strange in all this is the feeling of not being alone, it is felt that the first friedish presence, in fact he told me that he can no longer sleep since we have laid the feet on the stones, he felt that something was talking in his sleep ... shit is exactly the same feeling I have is really not normal and do not go in bad movies , stress and discover what lies behind it until we find ourselves completely crazy or we end up in sausage for indescribable creatures.
6th day, we did not sleep the night the storm raged, vessels are fortunately in the shed, I could send a message to Von Houten on Freital indicating that the loot is excellent but there are some strange thing here. Houten was speechless and then after several seconds say we get the hell out of here, friedish told him that we are leaving tomorrow time to take inventory of our loot.Evening of 6th day, shit-there was someone on this basis, we do not know who it is or what it is, I deploy 3 UCAVs, we search the entire hangar, nothing friedish launch detection modules in the vents, nothing.
2 hours later the booty is in the hold, I leave 1 drone in place if something should prevent us from leaving, we want to know what is happening and flee .. literally.
The return on the basis of friedstal be followed up with a long period of silence and reflection friedish between me and what was this presence deidus, why so many mutilated bodies, who did it? why scentifiques survivor say nothing? why no official expedition on deidus after reports of the incident, why some reports describe structures look likes wormhole?, why almost everyone died on the spot overnight? So many questions are few answers, one thing is sure, we have do*****enst picked up locally will be retained by us and decipher later time that our minds become clearer.


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