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War makes new victims
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 @ 08:49:20 BST
Topic: Conflict News

cold_reaper writes.... The war in Alexandria is claiming new victims. Earlier today a Armored Transport of the Orbital Spa and Cruise Corporation that was delivering luxury goods and transporting two unknown V.I.P.(official sources refuse to comment on the incident) has been caught in the crossfire of a battle that was taking place outside Planet Demosthenes between navy and criminal elements.

A stray torpedo (at this time it is unknown if it was the torpedo of a navy or a criminal member, or if it was shot intentionaly or by mistake) hit the transport in its engines. The transport wasn`t destroyed, but sustained critical damage. The blast pushed it towards the planet, and the transport crashed, burning up, on the planet`s surface. There aren`t reports of any survivors. The Governor of Demosthenes, Admiral Cardin Geoffrey, stated: "What happened today is a regreted incident, that should have never taken place. This is a clear sign that the hosstilities that are occuring in the Alexandria system have reached alarming hights. We have to put an end to this. I shall send a request to the Fleet Comand of the Liberty Navy to send a fleet of cruisers to guard the Alexandria Jump Gate System and another one to engage the criminal elements in the system along side the navy oraganisations. We need to stop the violence." Some fear that this will cause friction between Liberty and Europa with the presence of Liberty cruissers in alexandrian space. We shall keep you posted.

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