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Sirius's finest
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 @ 06:45:20 BST
Topic: Event News

cold_reaper writes... As we got used to, here in our little corner of the Universe, events are being organized from time to time to take our mind off the wars, conflicts, quarels, trade and so on. And last night was no exception. This time organized by Headhunter, the event took place in the Elite Fighting Zone. Pirates, navy, evil clan members, rogues, freelancers, in other words a very colourful bunch of people,

Sirius's dreadest, showed up to demonstrate that they are the best of the best, or just have loads of fun shooting up the competition. For a pierod of 45 minutes, pairs of contestants dueled for the chance to qualify to the next round of competition. And it was quite of display of elegance, inteligence and tactics. But it was useless, for in the end, one of Brettonia's finest elite navy pilot proved that he was one of the top gun pilots of all the Sirius Sector too. I'm talikng about British Bulldog Ripper, who blasted his way through the competition and won the event. Bravo to him, and good fights to all of the rest of the contestants. It was loads of fun and we can`t wait until the next one is organized! Reporting from the scene,

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