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Date: Friday, May 18, 2007 @ 10:15:36 BST
Topic: Misc News

There's plenty to do on The Void website when you visit us, heres just a few that might take your fancy and these are available to all registered users of The Void web site..

> Write a Pilot Journal - Goto "Your account" and start a journal of your time on The Void.
> View your character stats - Goto "Players by Rank/kills" on the main menu.
> View other characters & clans on the global stats - Goto any of the global links on the main menu.
> Add your location so other players know what country your from - Goto "player Locations" on the main menu.
> Chat using IRC thru the web interface here on the void - Goto "IRC" on the main menu.
> Check out the Void Gallery with hundreds of screen shots, add your own, add your own folder of screens etc..
> Check out the forums, with over 19,000 posts there's bound to be something of interest..
> Submit some news, role play or any freelancer news to the website..
> Got a nice short story - submit it to us and get it on the homepage.
> Need a clan or need some members for your clan - submit it on the news and more people will see it!.
> Check out the "Content" are for reviews, server rules and all manner of other things..

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Void website!.

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